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Packers Accuse Falcons of Cheap Shots in Win Sunday Night

There appears to be more bad blood between the Packers and Falcons, even after Green Bay was able to rally from a big deficit to beat the Falcons 25-14 Sunday night. The Miwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that several Packers players complained after the game about the Falcons hitting them after the whistle. “Great teams […]

Cardianls D-Lineman Smith More in the Falcons Price Range?

Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that if the Falcons can’t land Albert Haynesworth, the team may focus on Cardinals D-lineman Antonio Smith. Here is the clip from today’s edition: Tennessee’s Albert Haynesworth is the top free agent on the market, but his price tag might be too high. Arizona’s Antonio Smith might be closer to the […]

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