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Former Falcons QB Vick Allowed to Play in 09; Suspended the First Four Games

It looks like former Falcons QB Michael Vick will be, able to play at some point this season, but before ROger Goodell makes it official, there will be some conditions he will have to meet. ESPN reports that the QB will be conditionally reinstated into the NFL early next week, but he will be suspended […]

Former Falcon Vick Released From Federal Custody

Former Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is out of jail, as he was released from federal custody on Monday after serving a 23-month sentence for pleading guilty on federal charges related to funding a dogfighting operation. The representatives for Vick are moving fast, as they are trying to meet NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the next […]

Birds Officially Release QB Vick

The release that the Falcons knew one day would come finally happened today, as the team officially relinquished their contractual rights to quarterback Michael Vick. “Michael remains suspended by the NFL. However, in the event NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides to reinstate Michael, we feel his best opportunity to re-engage his football career would be […]

Blank Says Vick Deserves a Second Shot in the NFL

Falcons owner Arthur Blank says Michael Vick deserves a second chance – just not with his franchise. He said on Wednesday that the former Falcons QB is making the right moves by wanting to work with humane societies and making other changes in his life. “There’s no question Michael’s paid his debt to society, obviously,” […]

Vick to Do an Ad for PETA?

In the latest strange twist to the Michael Vick saga, a report today stated that Michael Vick may end up doing a Public Service Announcement for the animal-rights group PETA. Seems according to the story, Vick wants PETA to support his bid to get back in the league, and a Public Service Announcement for the […]

Vick Gets an Offer From an Arena League Team

Michael Vick has a team interested in his services once he’s reinstated in the NFL. Problem is – it’s not an NFL team. Yes, Vick has been offered a roster spot by the Albany Firebirds, an arenafootball2 franchise. Word is Vick’s been offered a one-year contract at the league standard: $200 a week plus a […]

Falcons Find No Takers Over the Weekend for Vick

The shopping around of QB Michael Vick continued over the draft weekend for the Falcons, and reports are they found no takers. Word is the Falcons were willing to give up the former first-round QB for a 7th round pick, and it didn’t happen. The issue may not even be the pick, it may be […]

Falcons Still Looking to Dump Vick on Another Club

The draft may be now just four days away, but there is still a player that on the minds of the Falcons that they would love to have moved by draft day – Michael Vick. The imprisoned QB remains a hot topic, and the Falcons are hoping they will get some calls about his rights […]

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